Review Policy

I love reading all types of books, so if you are an author or publisher and would like to suggest/send me a book to read and review please feel free but I do have a policy so please read it before you do anything along those lines.

I accept any genre to read, but do have a preference for - 

 - Dystopian
 - Humor
 - Adventure
 - Poetry
 - Fantasy
 - Drama
 - Contemporary
 - Thrillers
 - Biography
 - Mystery
 - Science Fiction
 - Historical
 - Victorian Horror & Horror in General

I will also accept non-fiction books to review but only if its something I'm interested in reading.

I will always try to reply to review requests, but this does not mean that I have accepted the book to review. I will not accept review books with deadlines; I try to put my review up no later than 2 months after actually reading the book. The only exception to this is if a publisher has requested me to wait until a certain date to post my review. 

This is a teens, tweens, and YA book blog, so the age ranges I accept are - 

 - 8 - 11 years
 - 12 - 15 years
 - 16 - 18 years

I do not accept adult books, and please be aware that the choice of reading a book is not solely my own , as if an adult, such as my parents, say I cannot read a book that is final.

If I accept a book to review this will mean - 

  1. My review will be posted on Books for Birds, Goodreads, and Amazon.
  2. If I re-read the book then I may make changes to my review. 
  3. I am always 100% honest in my reviews, stating clearly whether my opinion of it was positive or negative. I will always explain why the book did or didn't work out for me personally. I will NEVER write anything mean, nasty, or highly degrading about the book or author. 

(It might be a good idea to check out a review of mine so you know what you're getting.)

I also accept - 

ARC's (Advance Review Copies)
Finished Copies

I will accept E-Books, but only if its something I'm really interested in reading.

I may review a young children's book but selectively.

You can contact me regarding a review request at:

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