Thursday, 30 June 2016


Hey guys,

Just quickly, let me know if you like this style of post or if it doesn't work, or if you want more or whatever. Hope you enjoy, it's something just a little different. If you read it like a book, so in pages. And in the third last line of 'Why do I love writing?' it should say I love the... You'll see.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, see you next week. 


  1. I understand that feeling of happiness and relief. Writing would be different without that achievement. Why I write? Difficult to explain. One of the answers: because I can find me through writing. Writing has helped me a lot to be the person I am today.

    I am going to participate in this Camp NaNoWriMo too! Your synopsis sounds interesting. I hope you achieve all your goals. ^^

    1. I'm please writing has helped you in that way. I think it is a good way to explore who you are yourself. Good luck in Camp NaNoWriMo, I hope you achieve your goals as well. :)

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