Thursday, 3 December 2015


Hey guys. Day three has birthed.... I... I don't know, it's like my third post in a row, and I should be doing biology. Oops! Oh, well. Anyway, I've decided to share my Christmas bucket list. So this is my Christmas bucket list for all my life. Like all of it. Because I can't do half of these things quite yet. But enough chit chat, time to jump in.

1. Go to a Christmas market, preferably in France. I mean there is a strong chance of it coming up in my exam this year, I may as well experience it some time. And I want to buy the handmade Christmas tree decorations I describe.

2. Go to New York at Christmas and do the Christmas thing there. By Christmas thing I mean like Ice Skating at Rockefeller Centre Ice Skating Rink, under the huge Christmas Tree and seeing the Christmas display's in shop windows. Everyone say's America does Christmas well, and I would love to experience it.

3. Be in a Christmas single. I mean I have technically already ticked this one off, but you guys won't have any clue about it although it will revealed soon. But yeah, this definitely.

4. Go and watch The Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas. Every year I go to the pantomime and I absolutely love going to it, but one year I would also love to try and see the Nutcracker ballet somewhere. I just think it would be so amazing live and at Christmas.

5. Go to an actual Christmas tree light switch on. Where I live, the Christmas lights are dropped over the tree or stuck on the streetlights and that night when all the lights come on, so do they. We don't have someone coming to push a button or anything, so I'd love to go to an actual one.

6. Go carol singing. You know, like door to door. I've stood singing carols outside a supermarket with my school when I was younger, and I've been singing in a church, but I really want to go proper carol singing when you rock up outside someone's house, singing. It just looks fun. and festive.

So those were a few things on my Christmas bucket list. I have more, but I really do need to go and revise. I'll see you tomorrow, and until then... Nope I don't know. If anyone wants to, they could give me a Christmas present of a goodbye phrase to end posts with. Please. Comment down below with your Christmas bucket list, and if you've ever done of theses. See you tomorrow!


  1. OOH, all of these sound amazing! *_*

    1. I want to do some of them so badly, they're all really festive!

  2. If you get the chance - The Nutcracker is fantastic - and the music is by the same composer of that of Swan Lake!

    1. I've watched it on TV before and I remember watching a film type version when I was a lot younger but I've heard amazing things about the actual show, and I think it would be incredible. The music from it is amazing, I've listened to it before.


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