Friday, 4 December 2015


Hey guys. Happy Blogmas Day Four! So as I write this I've had a bit of bad day, and I really want to be cheered up. I'm sure I will though. Anyway, today I thought, as it's getting to the time for last order of presents online, and time to buy all your gifts for everyone, I would help you with a tips for secret Santa's you are taking part in and planning all your gifts.

Step One. Write a list of who you need to buy for and how much you are willing to spend. May Secret Santa's come with a budget and sticking to prices around that, especially for friends, is quite good. I put myself on a twenty pound budget for most, but I did have exceptions.

Step Two. You want to work out what they would like. This can be really difficult, but it needn't be. Think along the lines of TV programmes they like, or bands, or books, or films. You could go down the route of their hobbies, such as cooking, or a sport they play or watch or a game. I helped one of my mates with a secret Santa, Their SS liked to look through photographs, so I suggested a multi frame with photos already in it. I tend to make a list per person of their interests.

Step Three. Take the list from Two, and write possible ideas following each interest. For example, one of my friends likes one specific YouTuber, so I wrote the name of my friend, the name of the YouTuber and then things I could get to do with that YouTuber, such as jumpers, tops, posters, etc. I also write down some questions about these possible presents, such as what size or will it be in budget.

Step Four. Select some gift ideas. I can't help you with that, it's all down to you there. But the main part of Step Four is monitoring the prices of these items. Even just a couple of pennies or pounds under what it was one day is a saving. I managed to pick up one gift for three pound cheaper than it was the day prior. Make sure you order your presents early. Don't leave online shopping until the last minute.

Step Five. Buying in shops. If you actually need to go to a shop to buy something for someone, make a list of what shop it is, and what the item is. Shopping around Christmas can be stressful, especially the closer it gets to Christmas. If you are prepared and know what you are going to buy and where from, then you won't be as stressed, and you'll be able to get your presents more easily.

Step Six. Don't worry. Christmas is just one day a year, it doesn't matter. Don't get yourself into a massive frantic stress ball for just one day. It's not worth it.

I wish you luck in your Christmas shopping. Stay calm and just don't fret. Comment with any extra tips for people. Also I plan to do a Christmas Q and A at some point soon, so please leave questions for that or tweet me, @ZMacIver so I can do that. I'll see you tomorrow with Blogmas Day Five, but until then see you.

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