Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Hi! So I'm back. I think. Tbh, I don't know how consistent I will be at being back but for now I'm back. So hi. How ya been? Good, good. I'm good, thanks. And if you didn't ask, well, rude! So, my last blog post would have been... April?? My gosh! Long time ago! So what happened in the last few months.

Well, April was spent studying for the exams I sat and did well in in May. June, I went back to school, and started our new courses and I went from actually having time, to having negative hours. Like I need more hours in a day than I have. July and the first half of August I spent on holiday with my family. Oh, and the workmen that were re-harling my house, including a seventeen year old that looked twelve and a lot like the Milky Bar kid. And, in July I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo and won, reaching my 25k word count goal. Yay!! And then on my birthday, in August, I went back to school and have been drowning in work ever since. I mean, if it's not homework, it's extra and everything has taken a back seat. I spend my small amount of free time reading, watching YouTube, watching football or writing. (On a side not, M'ON THE STAGGIES!)

But I'm back! Yay!! So, I don't know how often I'll be posting but I'll try to get a post up at least every two weeks. I hope I can. I have a couple of books I want to do reviews for, and I have a few post ideas so in my two days off from school the week that I wrote this I'll try to write a few of these. I may also do some more life type posts, such as general chit chats, films, music, sport, LUSH and various other things. I hope that's okay, and if you are not interested in seeing these sort of posts, I'm going to tend to set them for Saturdays so you can not read them if you want.

For now, I'll say goodbye but don't worry. I'll be back. I just need to shake off the dust and cobwebs, I'm not as good at this now. Until next time... See you soon. (Need a ending sentence. Help!)

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