Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bookish Turn-Ons

Ignore that title, this post is not like that. You know when you start reading the synopsis of a book, and certain things about it just jump out at you and make you need to read it. Well I was thinking about what mine would be and I came up with a list, so here goes.


I like books that involve a close, protective relationship between older and a younger sibling. One example I can clearly recall is the relationship between Penny and her older brother in Girl Online. Penny's brother looks out for and looks after his little sister. Another example of this is in Apple and Rain, by Sarah Crossan, especially towards the end of the book. I don't mind fighting and stuff, but those relationships just make me happy and make me more likely to read a book.


For a long time, authors avoided writing about health issues, both physical health issues and mental health issues. But we have now reached a point where many novels are been published that feature health issues. This makes me happy. If I see that a book deals with mental or physical health issues, I become desperate to read it. It doesn't matter if the plot focuses mainly around these health issues, or if they are in the background to the plot. The fact they are there at all makes me happier.


If I see a book has got more than one point of view, my interest perks. I enjoy books in which I can learn about more than just the one character. Books like Trouble by Non Pratt, which has two main points of view and Days Of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor which has many points of view. I don't mind is the different people are named at the start of their POV or not, but multiple points of view just make me happy.


When you pick up a book in a shop, or from a shelf, I always give it a quick flick through to see what the print is like, if the pages are thin or not, if the chapters are long or not.I don't look at the actual words on the page, instead the page in a general reader sense. If during this, I happen to see pictures, or lists or things that wouldn't necessarily normally be included in a novel, I will generally want it more. For example, I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson has paint lines and splatters in it because one of the main characters is an artist. When I saw that in the shop, I went from 110% buying this to 120%.

So there are just a few of my bookish likes. Comment what you bookish turn-ons are and recommend me some books with my turn-ons. Sorry about this post going up a day late. I've been having some problems getting access to my computer and managing my time. I'll see you next Wednesday with a new post!

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