Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What Made Me A Reader...

The people over at Epic Reads did a book tag on their YouTube channel a few weeks ago. I watched it and really enjoyed it, and one question particularly stuck with me and made me think. (You can watch the original video made by Margot here and the video made by Aubry here.) The question was 'What Book Made You A Reader And Why?' I don't actually think I could pinpoint just one book that made me a reader. Instead I thought I would share a whole heap of books that made me a reader. So lets get on with the books!

1. The Rainbow Magic Series by Daisy Meadows

I remember when I was either four or five I wasn't that well. My Dad had gone into town for a football match, and when he was there, he went to Woolworths and bought m
e the first Colour Fairy in the series, Ruby the Red Fairy. He gave me it and I read in around a day. I found the rest of the Colour fairies in my local Waterstones and adored them all. From then on, I would by the new set of seven books that came out and would have read them in no time. They were the first books I read with proper plots and little chapters and everything! When I stopped reading them, it was because I older and able to read bigger more complex books.

2. Jacqueline Wilson Books

In my bedroom I have a shelve and a quarter of the one below that are full of my Jacqueline Wilson books. I have most of her recent novels. I absolutely love her writing and I fall in love with pretty much all the characters she writes. I read one of her novels when I was five or six. I remember being at a school fair and finding a collection of between six and sixteen Jacqueline Wilson books for a really cheap price. My mum bought it for me and I read them all in a couple of months. The Jacqueline Wilson I can particularly remember reading and adoring was The Bed And Breakfast Star. I read it and reread it for years. It's still one of my favourites but I love so many of them and I can never pick just one favourite.

3. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling 

I read the Harry Potter series over the course of a year. Not because I was a slow reader or anything, but because I just didn't want to rush it. I adored the series. It was my first look at a fantasy series, and it was my first major, long book series. I remember reading  the final book when one of my Grandparents went into hospital and talking about the series with a lovely man who must have been in his seventies. I will ALWAYS love Harry Potter!

4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women is the book I would consider to my favourite book of all time. I didn't love it to begin with, but my primary six teacher encouraged me to keep going with it and not to put it down, and I am so glad she did. Little Women got me interested in classics, is one of the books I love and has got me through reading slumps and rough times. I owe a lot to Little Women and to Mrs Mackay who encouraged me to read it.

And those are four books / series that have made me a reader. I could include more, such as Twilight and The Hunger Games which got me interested in the Paranormal and Dystopian genres but I have a funny feeling that this post would never end. Comment with what books or series made you a reader. I will see you next week!

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