Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Naming and Shaming...!

So I have an incredibly large TBR! You could even call it huge. But don't cause that sounds scary. And in my larger than large TBR and some books I think people may be shocked to find out I haven't actually read! I thought, and I'm not sure why, it would be a good idea to name one of these books a month and shame myself into finally reading them at some point! What, some of them are really long!!

This month I am going to admit that I have never read...

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

I have actually tried to read this book two or three times but I always hit a stumbling block and I can never finish it. I am going to right this wrong and fairly soon, well I mean probably after my exams. I am looking forward to reading this book but I just never have the time and I can never quite get into it!

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Again, I have tried to read this before but I always seem to hit a stumbling block but I do have plans to read it later this year. More on that in a post in May. I swear per-scheduling all the posts has made me forget the idea of time. I just keep thinking so many Wednesdays away. I am seriously looking forward to reading it and The Mime Order though.

The Maze Runner Series and Prequel by James Dashner

I did actually try to read this before and was three quarters of the way through the first book but my friend spoiled the ending for me because she saw the film and I had to put it down! Safe to say I am planning my revenge on her! I am also planning on trying to pick this book up soon.

So that was three books / series I have not read. I have named and now I will face the shame! I hope you like this post. I have plenty more books in mind so I will probably do a follow up post. I will see you next week with a new post!

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  1. The Bone Season is a book I always hit a block whilst reading too!! It's so frustrating because everyones crazy about it but I just always get stuck half way through!! I think it's worse that I also have my copy signed :/ No shame in not reading The Book Thief (I haven't either) and I know some people who haven't read The Maze Runner, so you're not alone Zoe!! :) x


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