Saturday, 7 March 2015

DISCUSSION || Books As Vessels

There many ways to think of a book, maybe for you it’s a recreational item, for another person it’s an escape from the world.

Its obvious a lot of us, as book bloggers and lovers, recognize that books are ways to discover, and rediscover – but after looking at some old books it came to the forefront of my mind that a consequence of everything that we get to experience due to books is that they, as a by product, become a vessel – in such an intangible way, everything we experienced and all the emotions we came across whilst reading a particular book then becomes ingrained into it pages.

Do you ever think about someone’s hands resting on the book, perhaps in the same place where yours were – or whether the person who had read the book before you had struggles with reading positions, just as you do?

Going a step further maybe this invisible history that only comes to light when we recognize it is simply me being philosophical and ridiculous, but I’ve seen similar passages floating around about how a book carries an author’s soul, and how every reader leaves a piece of their soul within the pages – it’s a beautiful sentiment, not one that I think I believe in, but it does help illustrate my point.

It’s why I always find such slight wonderment in second hand bookshops, the curiosity that fills me wondering about these other people; it’s a very homely feeling.

We’ve gotten from these lumps of wood, to stacks of paper, to words, to a strangely wonderful emotional connection to absolute strangers. As Atwood says “word after word is power” Which I think is quite true but along the same lines, there another quote I’m sure quite a few of you will be familiar with and its “Knowledge is power” – I don’t disagree with this, but I’ve always had this strange abhorrence for it because I just dislike the idea of knowledge being used for bad things, once again being simple.

Anyways, that was just a little stream of consciousness of mine - I promise I will get back to posting regularly - the past few weeks have just been mental!

I'd love to heard your philosophical thoughts on books too!

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