Sunday, 1 February 2015

Monthly Wrap Up || JANUARY 2015

My hardback of Snow Like Ashes; and my Andrew Smith collection including my e-ARC of The Alex Crow!

This month was basically the month of writing all the reviews. I'm not even joking I mean the majority of posts I put up this month were reviews - and here's the thing, writing reviews de-stresses me. Or at least it has recently. So in case you were wondering why there was such a barrage of reviews this month then that's why; I've just been writing a lot of them! It was also the month of being cold and snuggling in hoodies. Oh, and new books.

Other important matters of state that should be mentioned include my new obsession with The 100; thanks to hearing two specific people talk about it (yes looking at you Judith and Amber) for ages I finally picked up The 100 - and guess what? I'm in looooove, I was skeptic at first of course but now I'm in too deep - Team Bellamy all the way, don't even get me started on Bellarke.

Some of the books I reviewed this month happen to be some of my most anticipated reads of this/last year, and some of them have become fast favourites, whilst others disappointed. You may have noticed that I've started using half stars this month, I never used to before but its becoming increasingly difficult fleeing satisfied with the rating I'm giving books when I review them but now that I'm using half stars I feel like its just a more accurate representation of what I thought of the book in question.

Winger by Andrew Smith -  3.5 stars

I feel inadequately uncreative but I had lots of fun working on reviews, so whatevaaaah.

Other posts:

Seriously though, can you believe January is already over?! I am now an entire year older (hint hint, my birthday was this month) and its already freaking February. Of course I'm among the majority still making the mistake of writing 2014, but that's all old hat. I don't think I can let this wrap up go by without mentioning two very important people who are just the best people on planet earth, okay, I honestly don't think I could live without them and you guyssss, I love you as much as Dean Winchester loves pie, Sammy and Cas - y'all know who you are. Now can we stow the emoshuns? Thank-you verily much. And a very happy new month to you.

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  1. I enjoy your posts, and happy birthday, my birthday also was this month (January, of course). :]


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