Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Secret Santa

Hey guys! Sorry for the missing posts, I've been busy! Today I'm going to tell you what I got in my Secret Santa.

So a few weeks ago Holly and Orli emailed some book bloggers asking who would like to take part in a Secret Santa, and I of course said yes. I was given Cat to buy for, and you can see what I got her here, and then I got my awesome Secret Santa package!

This was the whole contents of the package, almost exactly as how I found it!

I had put in my form that I loved Christmas and Christmas decorations, so this little key ring is perfect for me. 

I'm always happy for some bookish postcards so these will find a nice home on my shelf somewhere.

I didn't even know that you could get Angel Delight Ice Cream but I'll be making some!

I've been wanting to read Zac and Mia for ages and it's really good so far, plus it's floppy!!

My Secret Santa gave me clues and once I read Zuzana I knew exactly who she was!

My Secret Santa was Hawwa and I have to thank her so very very very much for the awesome gift! Thank you also to Holly and Orli for arranging all this! I can't wait for next year's!


  1. Gorgeous package! (okay, if you were a boy that would have been the weirdest thing to say ever. let's move on)

    Yeah, Hawwa's definitely the subtle type by the looks of it. >.> I hope you enjoy reading Zac and Mia!

    1. SUBTLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME. And excuse me. That could still be weird. Zoe could just be pretending to be a girl, THINK ABOUT IT. ;P

  2. Lovely package and I'm glad you enjoyed the secret santa!
    Definitely planning to do one next year so watch this space!
    Holly xx

  3. Lovely package! I really want to read The Geography of You and Me and Zac and Mia - they look so cute. Hope you enjoy and merry Christmas in advance! <3

  4. What can I say? (aside from I'm awesome duh.)
    I didn't even know you could get Angel Delight ice-cream until I saw it..lol.
    ISN'T THE KEYRING AMAZING. I wanted to keep it..;)


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