Saturday, 6 December 2014


So last week, I posted a review of Girl Online. (if you haven't read it you can check it out here) I really enjoyed this book and I didn't have much to be negative about. But in the last few days, a lot has been spoken about to do with this book and I just wanted to make a post commenting on it all.

So if you haven't heard the buzz, Girl Online has become the fastest selling debut novel of all time, with an incredible 78,000 copies being sold in the first week. Many articles have been comparing Girl Online sales to those Of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Fifty Shades Of Grey and Twilight. For some reason Girl Online outselling these sorts of debut novels is a complete shock. But Zoe Sugg has more that 6 million subscribers to her main YouTube channel. Of course her book is going to sell thousands of copies. I mean, what were people expecting. 

My own opinion on the whole thing is so what? Seriously we know how many fans Sugg has. Of course they were going to all go and get her book. But that are treating this as a negative because Zoe got a book deal easily, think of it like this. What if three quarters of those who bought her book had never read a book before. And what if, after they read the book, they read more and more books. A lot of people will think it's unfair that Zoe Sugg got a book deal so easily. But most of those people are the ones who want to get more children reading. What if Zoe's book helps them to do that and to read more books, and fall in love with it the way we all have. 

 I hope you didn't that I never reviewed today. I should have a review up soon, but I just wanted this up and out there. Sorry if it's a little shorter than a normal post!


  1. I can understand why people are frustrated and shocked that it outsold J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter in the first week as a lot of people say it's not the same standard (I can't say, as I haven't read Girl Online yet) but I do think people are being quite harsh. Zoe has inspired a lot of people and has brought a lot of awareness to anxiety and panic attacks (which I have) through her videos and through this book and I'm sure a lot of people who don't read will pick it up, enjoy it and perhaps want to read more and that would be fantastic! I think people should just be happy for her and glad that it's getting people to read. Great post, Zoe!

  2. I definitely agree with you, Zoe! I'm not shocked that it out-sold the first Harry Potter book as no one knew how great Harry Potter was going to be then - no one knew about J. K. Rowling and etc and the same goes for Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) and Fifty Shades and the author of that...Zoe already has a massive fan base, so it's obvious that her book is going to outsell those mentioned. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zoe - I can't wait to read Girl Online! :D


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