Saturday, 22 November 2014

TAG || The TBR Tag!

Hello!! Today I'm posting a tag on a Saturday because I haven't really got anything that I can review! (Slow reading month!) Sorry, school is so stressful! But I wanted to do one of the tags I have tagged in and need to do! I was tagged by Holly and I am tagging everyone as it's late, I can't think who has done this and it's fun!! So on with it!

HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TBR PILE? I use Goodreads a little, but not hugely as I have a lot on it. I usually just find it easier to go and check my bookshelves!

IS YOUR TBR MOSTLY PRINTED OR E-BOOK? PRINTED! I have a kindle, I hate my kindle. I don't use it at all. In fact, it may be dead!! OOPS! I love real books!

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHICH BOOK ON YOUR TBR TO READ NEXT? I pick out what I fancy depending on my mood. I do try and save heavy books for holiday's because I have more time, and I generally will pick up a pre-order that I'm particularly excited for over books further down on my TBR!

A BOOK THAT'S BEEN ON YOUR TBR FOR THE LONGEST? I think it's Party Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. I believe I got it in May of 2010 so that's about 4 and a half years! *guilt face*

A BOOK ON YOUR TBR STRICTLY BECAUSE OF IT'S BEAUTIFUL COVER? I'm not that vain, in that I don't buy books just because of their cover. But a beautiful, and colourful, book that is on my TBR is This Book Is Gay by James Dawson! So gorgeous!! 

A BOOK ON YOUR TBR THAT YOU NEVER PLAN ON READING? I'm really not sure about this question. I try to go through my physical TBR regularly so as any books I will not reread no longer stay with me. I don't know??


A BOOK ON YOUR TBR THAT BASICALLY EVERYONE HAS READ EXCEPT YOU? Like Holly, my answer is also The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I am determined to read this next year though, so don't worry, I will read it!

A BOOK ON YOUR TBR THAT EVERYONE RECOMMENDS TO YOU? Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I swear everyone has recommended this to me at some point or another! I will read it!

A BOOK ON YOUR TBR THAT YOU'RE DYING TO READ? Clariel by Garth Nix. In fact as you read this post I shall be sitting on a bus reading this book. (Should you read this post on Saturday!)

HOW MANY BOOKS ARE ON YOUR GOODREADS TO-READ SHELF? As of today, Friday 21st November, I have 543 books on my shelf. *gulps* Although, some of those may be books I have read but have two copies marked on Goodreads, such as Isla and the Happily Ever After, because of different versions!

So that's the end of the tag! I hope you enjoyed this and sorry for posting this on a Saturday but I had nothing else to post so it was either this or leave you without a post from me in a week!

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