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My Christmas TBR


Happy November!! So now that it is November, it's time to start planning for Christmas. Start that Christmas shopping, get in the Christmas food, buy all your decorations and just generally start to get in the festive mood. I don't know about you, but once the nights start drawing in, and Halloween has passed, I start to get festive! So I think it is the perfect time to talk you through my festive TBR!!

The 'Hot Of The Press' Reads!!

To start with, we have the utterly gorgeous My True Love Gave To Me. A collection of twelve holiday themed stories written by authors such as Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, Laini Taylor and David Levithan! Of course I want to read this!! I think this will probably be my first Christmassy read, and I will probably review it for you!

Next up, Coming Home For Christmas. This is the third book set in a Shropshire village called Hope Christmas that revolves around three families. I haven't actually read the first, although I have read the second and loved it so here I am continuing on with the series! Plus look at that beautiful cover!!

I love a good Jenny Colgan and this one does look pretty amazing. I actually haven't read the blurb for The Christmas Surprise as it is the third book to be set around a sweet shop and I haven't read the second book, which is actually a Christmas novel and is featured in this TBR! Also it is a nice Christmassy colour!

A new Carole Matthews! Of course this was going to make the TBR! The Christmas Party is actually a little shorter than Carole Matthews other novels, which may mean that I read it a little quicker than I normally would! Again very nice cover and I'm looking forward to this one!

So last year one of the few Christmas books I read was Driving Home For Christmas and this appears to revolve around the same characters so I can only presume it is a sequel. I'm really looking forward to this one, and I think it will be quite a nice easy read, perfect for when school has me a little stressed!

This book looks and sounds incredible. It gorgeous cover wise, and sounds like it will be really good, so I'm just counting down the days until I can go to a bookshop and buy this one! Again I think this will be a more relaxing read, which I may live off during school time!

The Books That Have Been Out For A While That I Just Haven't Read Yet!! (LONG TITLE ALERT!)

So to start with, we have a Carole Matthews novel. I picked this up last year but never read because I wasn't in the Christmas mood, but this book looks really good and I think I'm going to really like it. Also, I love the colours on this cover. Very wintery.

My second book in this category is another Carole Matthews. Again, got it last year, never read because I wasn't in the mood. This sounds good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to love it as much as I did her other novels. And I will note, I'm not the biggest fan of this cover.

I bought myself the hardback last year before anyone says that it came out this year!
So obviously I mentioned earlier in the post that I have The Christmas Surprise and that is the sequel to this book, so I guess I better read this! Also, very Christmassy colours. And a very Christmassy cover.

So the final book in this section is Wish Upon A Star. Again picked up last year after I had read another Trisha Ashley novel! Looking forward to this one, but slightly scared to pick it up as I know I will be covered in glitter every time I touch the book. Seriously so glittery!!

 The Re-Reads!!

One of my favourite Christmas reads from 2012, I really want to reread this book. It makes me smile and yeah I want to read it. Love the cover and can't wait to reread it!

One of the only Christmas books I actually read last year. I really loved this one, so totally going to reread it! Also as I said earlier, I think there is a sequel so all the more reason! Plus pretty book!

As I said earlier, Julia Williams has a new book out that is set in the same village and revolves around the same families. I actually can't remember the plot to this so I'm very much looking forward to rereading this! I really like this cover. Really Christmassy!

This book is made up of two short stories, and I really enjoyed both of them when I read them. I'm not sure what either of them are about, but I know the first features puppies. I will say this book is very glittery so I'll have fun with that!

To start with, beautiful book!! So gorgeous! Second of all, I really can't remember what happens in this book, although I think it may be two short stories! I know definitely that it follows three angels that help people, but other then that, I may as well be going into this one blind!

Another little story about the three angels here. I don't remember anything really about this one, so I'll be going into this one a little blind too. Can't say I'm a huge fan of this cover either but you should never judge a book by it's cover!

As I said earlier, last year I read a Trisha Ashley novel and I really enjoyed it so I want to reread it. I seem to remember something about house sitting but I can't say I'm certain! I do like this cover, although my edition was second hand and very battered looking when I bought it.

I read this last year and loved it. I really enjoyed all three stories so rereading it just seemed to make a lot of sense. Also, I feel like this could be one of those books I read if I feel myself slowing down and possibly hitting a reading slump. And, you know, it contains a John Green story! Need I say more...?

Again, one that I read last year. I really liked this one and I really do want to reread it. A shorter read, and still very Christmassy, so I think this will be a good one to put in between two chunkier or heavier reads.

The Usual Ones!! 

I've read this one for the past two Christmases and it puts me into the Christmas spirit. I love a good mystery and Agatha Christie novels are just the best. This is one of my favourite Agatha Christie's and as I say, it is quite Christmassy.

Next, Nancy and Plum. This plot starts and finishes at Christmas so makes me read it at Christmas. It's one of the first books I associate with Christmas and is one of my favourites. Unfortunately it is quite hard to find, but it's an amazing book for children and is quite Christmassy.

And finally, my favourite book ever. I read it every Christmas and have done since I first read it. I love it. It's not the most Christmassy book, with Christmas only really being mentioned at the beginning but it's my favourite book and I have to reread it every year!!

So that's my very long Christmas TBR. I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete all of these books but I aim to! The last three will definitely be read at least. Let me know what you plan to read for Christmas and if you would particularly want a review for any of these.


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