Thursday, 20 November 2014

DISCUSSION || Hardbacks: I've Been Converted

Its the age old discussion, isn't it? Hardbacks, or paperbacks? Well for the longest amount of time I could have answered this questions quickly and easily, paperbacks all the way. But in recent weeks I've seen a change in that. I've been buying way more hardbacks, and I actually don't mind reading them. Prepare for a GIF heavy post that will show you my journey.

Before the "conversion" I never used to read/buy hardbacks because...

1) They are quite expensive and c'mon I'm not going to spend fourteen pounds when the paperback is only six... not matter how pretty the hardback is....

2) They're just generally impractical - the weight and just trying to read hardbacks is a feat of ingenuity and innovation (is my dry sarcasm coming across well?)

After the conversion, the above didn't really matter anymore. Things just sort of went... a bit like this;

Me to The Book Depository and all the bookshops, when buying hardbacks.
Waiting for the books (HARDBACKS) to arrive.
Hardbacks, I don't say it often enough, but really, I love you.
All this has led me to the conclusion that I'm actually okay with hardbacks... 

What do you think of hardbacks? Do you prefer paperbacks?

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  1. I can totally relate to you! I really like hardcovers for the way they look, plus they're more sturdy, and I don't have to worry about reading in an awkward way to make sure the book closes all the way...

    However, I got two books in paperback and I'm just like "Gah! Why? You were dying to get that book and you don't want to spend the extra five dollars to get it in hardback!?". I'm totally replacing it. Lol.

    It's so hard though! Because it's like "The hardcover is $14 dollars and the paperback is really only $6 or 7" WHICH DO I GET? It seriously depends on the book for if I'll "settle" for paperback.


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