Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hey! So this feels strange. It's been ages since I sat down and actually wrote a post. Today, I'm just quickly letting you know why I haven't posted in ages, and how that will change. So, on the 19th of August I went back to school. I'm in my exam year and that means I have a lot of homework, and tests and the like. It also means I have literally no free time to myself. I haven't had time to write posts or anything, I haven't even had time to read! But, as I write this, I am on holiday. And I am kicking myself into gear and writing some posts, because I want to be organised!

Every Wednesday, and some Saturdays, I will be posting. They will be anything, from My Top Ten lists, to themed posts, and maybe even the occasional post that has nothing to do with books. I am spending a few hours over the next few days writing as many posts as possible so that when I am back at school and stressed, I am at least not worrying about posts. Reviews from me will also be going up from November onward. At the moment, I haven't got a lot of books I can review but I am slowly building up a collection for you!! My first proper post should be going up on Wednesday, next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I better go and start writing up some posts!! Bye, for now!!

I just want to quickly add in my own wee bit to Zoe's post; you all know that I don't work to a blog schedule because its just not how I operate, but like Zoe I'm in my exam year and I have less than six months until my GCSE's and less than a month until my Mocks. Therefore, whilst I'm still not working to a schedule, I've chosen allotted days to post on as well since Zoe will be posting every Wednesday and possibly on Saturday's, I've decided to post every Monday and possibly on Friday's - so you should at least get three posts from us every week! ~ Fionnuala

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