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TAG || The [Novel] Writing Fail(s)

Since I was at least eight I have endeavored to write a novel. When I was nine I managed to write out 17k of a novel that I named Connatrix - now, this would have been a brilliant start apart from the fact that it was so unoriginal that I gag when I read over it. There was just not a single bit of substance in it. I am also absolutely terrible when it comes to thinking up titles - like, that is the one thing I completely ignore when I'm trying to write, I will put off naming a piece of work for as long as possible or until something plausible turns up in my head.

When it comes to writing short stories, I'll admit I'm pretty good at those. But there are two sides to every coin and if I'm not careful with planning then writing a short story will just end up turning into another WIP of a novel because of how much I want to include and talk about.

Now [like Hawwa] I participated in last year's NaNoWrimo and it went pretty well. I didn't reach 50k but I still wrote over 20k that was readable - soon enough I began to hate it, and I haven't got a clue where it's ended up in my laptop files. My issue isn't that I procrastinate writing, in fact I go at it with full vigor - but usually after I pass 5k I start to get bored of what I'm writing about; I find more faults every time I read over it and eventually I begin to hate it to. As a result there are a lot of WIPs that haven't passed 5k or seen the light of day until recently when I went scouring for them for this post. I've gone over my own weaknesses, in my head, in relation to writing a lot - usually when I'm at the deepest point of giving up on a novel and to finally have a place to put my musings feels slightly uplifting.


+ I cannot go more than 3k without having to go back, read over what I've written and make meticulous edits. This is one of the BIGGEST problems I have when writing because it wastes time I and also prompts that shady patch in my mind that is always whispering how much of a bad writer I am.

+ I am a pantser I don't plot anything out seriously; but in my head nearly everything is mapped, or at least a good majority - in some skeletal form, but with a lot of detail at the same time - because of this when I write I get into this state where I have to get every single thing down, but that's obviously impossible so I get frustrated with myself and contributes to me ending up hating everything I write.

+ THE TITLE THING. Even if I have a finished piece of writing I will not be able to come up with a title that doesn't sound pretentious or just plain rubbish - or well, I haven't yet been able to do that.

+ When I've got something I'm relatively happy with writing about the next hurdle to overcome is ME. Yes, I said me. This is because when I'm writing its gets very difficult for me to not put myself into it, and not influence the characters with my own views and opinions - and I don't like writing about myself. Can you see the problem here?

- after looking through old USB's [let me tell you, there were a lot of files to sift through] I found out that I have over 17 WIPs and to make life easier for you (and mostly me) I've decided to only include the five that I'm most likely to continue with or use in something.
  1. UN-NAMED [YA - dystopian] My most recent WIP that I started a few days ago - not the most original but I'm having fun with it. At the moment, there's three point of views between a girl called Rena, a boy called Aiden, and a mysterious narrator. Currently 5k, so far everyone but a lovable character named Big Joe (like I said, not original at all) hates the new and only girl at the academy, Rena. Dun, dun, dun.
  2. THE LOUD SILENCE [YA - contemporary/fantasy] This was the second version of my NaNoWrimo novel, when I decided to give it another try - apart from a few deaths, the mains character's psychological mindset, and making the love interest capable of influencing nature I didn't exactly know what I was doing with this or what the plot was - I knew that if I ever did finish it, that it would be the first book in a duology.
  3. A GHOSTLY HEART [MG/YA crossover - genre unknown] I was surprised when I found this one, mainly because I couldn't remember writing it but also because it was quite good - and that is saying something when it comes to me. I say its a middle grade/young adult crossover because its told through the eyes of a narrator who is quite young, but its more so aimed at older readers. I haven't got a single sense of plot, or character development - I'm just sorta going with the flow here.
  4. LITTLE QUESTIONS [unknown - unknown] Little Questions was rather hard to write and as a result I only work on it a little bit at a time, but its definitely one of my more successful WIPs - its got a bit of a strange format; its very much a stream of consciousness from the anonymous narrator, but also includes a lot of imagining things and telling stories. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, what age group its for, or even what genre it is - but it feels unlike anything I've personally ever read, and I like it. Its a novel that I really do hope to complete. One thing that makes me more determined than ever to finish Little Questions is the fact that in essence its very much me talking and not a made up character, and I haven't experienced the same problem where I have to stop writing because everything is become to much like myself, and that has never happened before. I don't know if this means that perhaps this novel is the one, or if I'm just maturing in terms of writing.
  5. UN-NAMED [YA - contemporary] This one is very much an urban, gritty, YA novel that includes various themes including self-harm, bullying, and mental illness and self expression also has a large part to play in it, in various forms. Its quite fractured in its telling, not only because its non-linear but also because I really wanted to showcase the secondary characters mental deterioration throughout the book compared to the narrators/main character's almost perfect facade.
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  1. I don't even get my stories into 1k before giving up. *headdesk*

    But those 5 stories of yours sure do sound good! xD


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