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REVIEW: This Book is Gay by James Dawson

Book Title: This Book is Gay
Author: James Dawson
Publisher: Hot Key Books, September 4th, 2014
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback, 271 pages
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository
Former PSHCE teacher and acclaimed YA author James Dawson gives an uncensored look at what it's like to grow up as LGBT. Including testimonials from people 'across the spectrum', this inclusive book explores everything anyone who ever dared to wonder wants to know - from sex to politics, how to pull, stereotypes, how to come-out and more. Spike Gerrell's hilarious illustrations combines with funny and factual text makes this a must-have read.
As soon as I heard that Dawson had a new book coming out, my ears were perked and my curiosity sparked. I didn't actually know that TBIG was a non-fiction book until I read the email that Hot Key had sent me, but that didn't put me off. It actually got me even more excited, sure Dawson is an excellent fiction writer but he is also a brilliant person in general [or from what I've seen on Twitter…] and to be able to experience his voice in a non-fiction novel was a really exciting prospect. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with LGBT people, I don’t care if you’re gay or transgender or anything in-between, and I’m a firm believer that no one should go against these types of people because as Dawson mentioned, they don’t affect your life in any way! But I’m not going to get into that in this review, to put it briefly: I support gay and LGBT rights all the way.

Now I’m confident within my own sexuality, but that didn't stop this book from being informative, enjoyable, and really enlightening. You all know the horrible histories series of books, right? [If you don’t, then what on earth is wrong with you?] They’re a myriad of interesting facts and illustrations, and that’s what This Book is Gay is; full of information but at the same time accompanied by these great illustrations (by Spike Gerrell) which added so much more to the book, and in my eyes really made it come alive as more than a piece of non-fiction writing, but something to be truly involved in.

Dawson is frankly honest, and has compiled real life testimonies from a wide range of people, with a wide range of ages! He doesn't hide the fact that being LGBT is hard, but he does help you along the way. I’d highly recommend this to anyone, of any age – and think that every library should own a copy of this book. One thing, I think, that makes TBIG so unique is that it feels like Dawson is sitting across the table from you and just talking, like a normal person – the entire book just feels like a string of dialogue, and its that little touch that makes this a five star read for me.

*Hot Key Books sent me a free copy of This Book is Gay to read and review - this in no way affected my opinion or my review!*

Rating --- 5 Bookish Birds

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