Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monthly Wrap Up || SEPTEMBER 2014

If you recall in my last Wrap Up I said that August wasn't too busy, well, September was the complete opposite, it was a flurry of school, homework, and a little book buying. On the other hand though that means I don't actually have that much to talk about in this months wrap up. The Maze Runner movie came out this month, which  I have yet to see, but I did go and see The Captive which was pretty good - I felt the ending was a bit like a get out clause though. Then again, I am a person who tends to kill off at least one character when I'm writing. Last Sunday was the first day of Autumn (the Autumn Equinox), the time of oranges and falling leaves has started.

Hence the autumnal background. I didn't buy that many books this month most of the ones I received were Book Depository orders from August, so that was fun. It always feels like I've received little presents when I open packages, even if I did order them myself. You can see all the books I got this month in my September Book Haul! At the start of the month I reviewed the first book of a trilogy that I am completely in love with; it was Splintered by A.G. Howard, a bit of an Alice in Wonderland re-telling that was really unique, I've never read anything like it before! You can see my review of Splintered here, where I gave it five stars! I also reviewed James Dawson's newest release, This Book Is Gay, and it is amazing, you really need to pick it up and give it a read - if that's not enough to convince you you can see my review of the book here. Then  I did a tag (I haven't done a tag in ages!) that is pretty young since it was only created the day before I posted it - it was the Novel Writing Fails Tag! Lastly, I reviewed Black Ice, the newest YA release from Becca Fitzpatrick - the author of the Hush, Hush series (yet another series I haven't read yet) which was a bit of a contemporary-thriller and I really enjoyed it! You can check out my review of Black Ice here - it publishes on the 7th of October!

That's everything I really have to say in this month's wrap up. Did any one catch The Caretaker? I think it was the best episode of the new Doctor Who season yet, I'm starting to think of Capaldi more as the Doctor now than a stranger which is a big improvement.

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