Sunday, 7 September 2014

Falling into Blogging

Its been more than a week since I even glanced at my blog, which is quite a strange occurrence when it comes to me. Usually, even if I have posts scheduled, I'll have a blogger open to draft ideas and so on, but over the last two weeks I haven't really... cared to do that. Don't get me wrong, I still love blogging and I have loads of ideas, but at the moment I don't feel like writing about them because I don't won't really care about what I'd be writing about - and I don't want to create content that I don't care about. Its hard to explain.

The one thing that prompted me to even write this was when I opened the post today and found a surprise package from HarperCollins; it was an early copy of Falling into Place by Amy Zhang [which publishes on the 9th of September! I highly recommend you check this one out!]. When I opened the envelope and saw the book sitting there, in all its perfection, I couldn't help but squeal and squirm in excitement.

On one hand, things like this have happened before when I've been in slumps and couldn't come up with anything to post - but I chose not to acknowledge it to you guys like I'm doing now. And I think that's one thing that had a negative impact, trying to deny the fact that I was indeed in a slump, and I was worried that I wouldn't get back into blogging. Right now, I don't have that same worry, but its been a strange experience. I suppose half of it has to do with school, I've honestly been exhausted with everything and its only been the first week of Year 11.

Writing this post has sort-of helped, whilst I'm still not in the mood to act on any of the ideas I've had, I'm getting excited about them again, which, I suppose, is the first step to blogging freely again. In all honestly, when it comes to post ideas at times I do feel restricted by the fact that it needs to be related to books somehow, but I've been thinking of changing that. I hold the keys here [figuratively] and whilst this won't stop being a book blog, I would really like to post about other things that interest me occasionally; like cooking/baking or films.

For now though, hi, how are you? What're you reading?

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