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July Book Haul & My Week in Malaysia

I absolutely love doing book hauls... Though I've never actually done a proper one and carried it on every single month. Awkward. The main reason I don't do hauls regularly is because I don't buy books regularly and sometime months are pretty bare and I don't think that's really exciting for you as a reader - but this month is kind of an exception because I bought *quite* a few books whilst I was on holiday. I also wanted to write a post about my holiday because I feel like I don't write enough personal posts, so it obviously made sense to combine the two!

Introduction to the Holiday

I spent six days in Malaysia last week, and I was super excited because this was actually my second time - with my family - visiting the lovely country. I went earlier this year for four days (I also bought books then... coincidence? I think not) and it was an amazing experience. This visit was a little different because instead of being on a tiny island I'd be staying about twenty minutes away from the capital, Kuala Lumpur, in a place called Putrajaya. In this sense there was less of the museums and scenery and more of architecture, bridges, and the twin towers. More on that later. 

The Flights

Let's start off with my favourite topic, and perhaps the most obvious bit, the flight... it took over eighteen hours of traveling from Muscat, Oman, to arrive in Putrajaya. (Not including the three hour drive from here to Muscat) At least this time we only had to take two planes, the first was about and hour and a half long and landed in Doha International Airport - if you're terrible at geography Doha is the capital of Qatar, which is a country in the Gulf. Then after some transit time we boarded the flight that would take us to Putrajaya. And then I found out... I had gotten separated from the rest of my family. I was sitting in the row behind them.

Now, on a one or two hour flight this wouldn't bother me - but sitting next to two strangers for eight solid hours... that grated on me. But it did help the the girl sitting on my right (I think she was around 19...) was reading Paper Towns by John Green and offered me a stick of chewing gum. The highlight of this flight was when the man sitting on my left fell asleep on me and started to snore. Finally, we had arrived, we took a hotel shuttle bus to the hotel, obviously - and then I promptly fell asleep after writing a review of the book I read on the plane (I Predict a Riot - you can see my review here) and checking in with Twitter.

Basically me the whole eight hours.
What happened Next...

The next two days went by in a haze of sleep, watching Doctor Who, and buying books. On the third day of our trip (I think it was the third day I honestly can't remember...) we took the hotel shuttle bus yet again, to a mall nearby called Almana, and the only reason I was excited to be going on this little field trip was because I'd researched on Google Maps where the closest bookshops to our hotel were, and the first result that popped up was the mall. 

Since my mum, dad, and brother had come along I couldn't immediately run to the store like I wanted to but after much squirming when we passed it, my mother finally released me and I probably spent a solid hour in there choosing which books to buy. I had been granted holiday spending money, and had some saved, so I had a good bit to spend - which is brilliant because the books in Malaysia are *so* cheap. I bought four books and a tote bag, which had the quote "a room without books is like a body without a soul" that day.

The Twin Towers

The next day we went to the Twin Towers, a place that I had wanted to go to since it arrived, mainly because of the architecture. If you didn't already know, I want to study architecture at a university, so that was a big thing. It was definitely not what I had expected, whilst it impressed me from the outside... the inside? Not so much. To get there we were dropped off outside a hotel called Novotel and given pretty vague instructions. I ended up getting us to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre because I thought there was a path that would lead us to the towers, but it was actually a dead end, ahahaha... awkward. 

It was hot, we (me, my mum, dad, and brother) were all sweaty. My mum then took the lead and asked one of the directors standing in front of the Convention Centre how to get there and we struck gold, he told us we had to actually go into the Centre and follow one of the tunnels that would take us right into the complex at the foot of the towers. So in a way my mistake actually got us there.

It was just... INSANE. I'm not even joking, I shall quote my dad right now; it was a meat-market. I thought we would be walking in to somewhere business like, you know, organized. NO. It was just a moving mass of people, and the complex itself was a *mall* - I didn't even know that -.-

ITS A METAPHOR. In gif form. Okay.
On the bright side we managed to get a seat in Starbucks about half an hour after arriving, and I got my signature drink; a caramel frappuccino, which was well received after our little exploration of the mall. I found out that on the fourth floor there was a massive bookshop, I'd actually been to another branch that was based in Dubai and whilst this one wasn't as big, it was still huge, I mean it took up half of the floor. I restrained myself and only bought one book, Every Day by David Levithan, which considering how big the Teen and YA section was, is kind of a mini miracle. We stayed in the towers for approximately four hours, and I only managed to take on picture. In the back of the bus. Whilst it was moving. I'm sorry.

The Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur... like the jazzy angle? Non... okay then.

Apart from the book I also bought a lovely handmade, wooden, elephant charm from a man who walked up to us whilst we were drinking our coffee's. Me being... well, me, I didn't realize he was deaf until we started negotiating prices. But he seemed nice nonetheless! I then picked up a couple of sweets (and maybe a bit of chocolate) from Candylicious on the ground floor, and that was it. As soon as we got back to our rooms I fell asleep but not before sending Hawwa and Debbie a picture of my purchase though.

Other stuff that Happened...

The day after that we went back to the mall I mentioned earlier because my mum had booked a hair appointment at the hairdressers there, and I had to look after my brother for about 40 minutes. I won't go into too much detail but it involved ice-cream, a small shouting match, and buying ninja weapons from Toys R Us. Once my mum was finally finished and took over, I went back to the bookshop. How could I not? I had money in my pockets and books that needed homes. This time I bought five books. On top of that I also bought a Paris/Eiffel Tower license plate at a wee knick-knack shop and a bag of organic raspberry liquorice, which I'd never tasted before.

Here are all the books I bought nicely coupled together and arranged by height...
The Last Day and Coming Home

Not much happened on our last day - I started packing, scheduled some posts, we went to the pool around mid-day, and that was it. We were planning on going back to Kuala Lumpur but changed our minds and decided to have a lazy day. The flights back home were better in some ways and worse in others. I fell asleep pretty early that day when we got back, and jet lag has still got me in its clutches so I'm pretty exhausted at the moment. I think that's everything I have to say about that little trip...


Apart from the books I bought whilst I was in Malaysia (erm... ten in total) I received four books at the start of the month (apologies for the horrible picture! I would've taken another one but I'm honestly too tired and not *that* bothered...) and received three books when I got back.

Books received at the start of the month...
Winger by Andrew Smith // thank-you to Sophie from Reviewed the Book for this one!
Undone by Cat Clarke // thank-you to Zoe for sending me Undone!
The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery // huge hugs and thank-you's to Hodder Children's for sending me a Proof of The 100 Society!
The Witch of Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper // again, huge hugs to Orchard Books for sending me a proof of The Witch of Salt & Storm!

Books received when I got back... featuring my lovely license plate again, it now sits on my shelves as a decorative object, yay.

I actually bought the last three books mentioned above from the Book Depository, and they have taken ages to arrive, but finally. FINALLY.


  1. Ahhh, that's such a cool place to go on holiday!

    So jealous of these books! I've been DYING for Splintered for AGES!! It looks SO good! So does Burn for Burn. *.*

    Great haul! :D

  2. So many books. Splintered looks amazing!
    Great Haul Fi!


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