Thursday, 5 June 2014

THE REVEALS: Day Two, Charli

You can check my introductory post to this event here

We're back with the second day of the reveals, and I think the first day was overall successful. Unlike the first day we're here with an Initiate instead of a Tribute, dun dun dun. Are you ready?

The person I have today is actually one of my closest friends, and I think that bond was made stronger by the fact that I was able to stalk her and we're still friends (if you don't get this joke, find out here) - yes, you know who I'm talking about, its CHAAAARLI!

Apart from being an obviously amazing barrister in the world of Divergent Charli is a book blogger, if you haven't heard of her blog, To Another World, I *strongly* suggest you go visit her and her relatively new co-blogger Tori!

That's all the Divergent awesomeness I have for you today!

Check back for Day Three where we will have another initiate, and I have to say, I'm excited for this next one to go up, given who it includes.

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