Friday, 13 June 2014

THE REVEALS: Day Four, and Five, Sabrina and Saira

You can see my introductory post to this event here!

I'm sooooo sorry, yes, there, I said it, I'm on my knees. I'm sorry about missing Day Four but I've been having major internet problems and on Day Four my internet cut off completely. 'Why didn't you just schedule the posts?' I hear you ask, well, I did originally, but then Blogger decided it would be fun to delete them all so I just decided I would write out the post the night before or the morning of. That being said, it just means you get TWO initiates today - and coincidentally, their names both begin with S...

Without further ado, or any of the namby pamby stuff, here are the files of the infamous Sabrina and Saira!

Sabrina has been book blogging since on her blog I Have To Read since 2011, so she's ready to be placed in the old people's home... nah, I'm just joking. At the moment Sabrina is on a blogging hiatus due to revision for exams *sympathetic sigh* but that hiatus is nearly over and I would definitely recommend going over to her blog and saying hello! 
Saira is a relatively new book blogger, but apart from talking about books she also talks about music and is a general lifestyle blogger too! She blogs at Growing Wings and writes brilliant reviews!

On the 15th, sadly, this event shall come to a close, but I have one last person to reveal on that day, a Tribute!

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