Sunday, 1 June 2014

Secret Project Reveal

You may or may not know that back in April I sent out a tweet asking for Tributes and Initiates to contribute to a little project I was doing leading up to my blogoversary, which is on the 26th of this month. Well, this is it - sort-of.

Since the middle of April I have been gathering information on these select Tributes and Initiates and pooled them into files so that the people of the world can see them. Saying that it sounds like I actually spent a lot of time researching and tirelessly working for the greater good, which I actually didn't... hehe. Basically, I designed (terribly, I might add) and organized everything but the actual information/stories within the files were written by the people they are about, so full credit for that goes to them!

No doubt you're very confused about what exactly is happening, so I will properly explain now.

Over the course of thirteen days (including today) I will be revealing our Tributes and Initiates, apart from that I can't tell you much more - you won't know who goes up until their given day, but I can give you a little peek at the headers I made specifically for this... are you ready? you sure? Okay, here goes...

The Tributes header!

The Initiates header!

Also, if you're interested in following this event then the schedule is below!

June 1st - Secret Project Reveal
June 3rd - Day One, Tribute
June 5th - Day Two, Initiate
June 7th - Day Three, Initiate
June 9th - Day Four, Initiate
June 11th - Day Five, Initiate
June 13th - Day Six, Tribute
June 15th - The End

For now, be brave, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

(Note: ALL the contributors are book bloggers! ^.^)


  1. This is like the Bookish games, can i sigh up FIONNUALA?

    1. Hi Jaden, sorry, the sign up closed a while ago! Fi :) xx


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