Friday, 27 June 2014


Baaaasically this was actually supposed to go up on the 26th which was yesterday, but then I got kinda-semi-really ill and just wasn't in the mood to put it up and so on and so forth, so I'm really sorry about that - I'm still quite ill at the moment (even worse) but I couldn't leave it any longer... so here it is, my blogoversary post!

Usually I’m pretty good with words, but as of now, I really don’t know what to say. I think I’m slightly shell shocked. Words always come so easy to me, and when they don’t it’s a bit of a grey area, I’d class this as dark grey. I think I know what I should say. I should say thank-you, and I’m happy, and I’m going to, but when something becomes such a big part of your life that you can’t imagine not getting out of bed and working on a blog post, or writing review notes or just flicking through a book bloggers twitter.

When you come to fully realize how much it’s a part of you then, it’s kind of scary, but completely mind-blowing. I really am in awe, in awe that this has lasted so far, an entire year (!!), in awe that things have happened that I never expected, I’ve made a ton of new friends who I couldn’t think of losing now. When things get a bit stressful, or I’m just downright depressed or sad or angry talking to one of these wonderful people always cheers me up, and even though it can be a bit of a pain sometimes (ehem, blogger being naughty) every time I put a post live, I get this unexplainable feeling of pride, and nervous excitement.

Even after nearly a year of it happening, I still can’t understand why publishers, actual fricking big name publishers, would send ME of all people, books that I covet, and at the same time you have no idea how grateful I am. How much I flap like a deranged seal, and squeal like a tortured cat when I find book post, it will never get old. I might mature, I might grow out of blogging (I hope I don’t) but no matter what happens, and this has been a truly unforgettable experience.

The dance I do after I've semi-calmed down from getting book post... I'm so cool.
So, here’s what you’re probably waiting for, thank-you. Thank-you for everything. Thank-you for going on this journey with me, thank-you for all the feedback, the friendships, the awesome chats. Thank-you.

If I listed every single person I needed to thank we’d be here for a while, and the list would be very, very long, but there are some people I need to mention nonetheless - I've italicized this bit so you can skip it if you want to - but I did add in Sherlocky gifs, you you might as well look at those in-between the text diarrhea (they are actually relevant to what I'm saying...). 

Amy, thank-you for just being you, and for being my friend, with your (newly discovered) sass, cat humor, and excellent reasoning, I couldn’t ask for a better evil twin, or a better writing-pusher, thank-you for all your encouragement! Georgia, thank-you for just being generally awesome and putting up with me for so long! The oooother Georgia, thank-you my parabatai, for everything, every little tweet and fangirly message, oh, and thanks for letting me borrow Jace from time to time ;) Zoe, zoe, zoe, what can I say? You are one of the nicest people I have ever met, I’m just sad I haven’t met you in person yet! Thank-you for welcoming a newbie book blogger into the fold, and your great convo’s! The other Zoe, well, you’re my co-blogger now, I can’t even begin to put my gratitude into words at having you as a friend, and now as a co-blogger – you’ve become someone I greatly admire and trust, and I’m so glad I ever got the opportunity to meet you, even though you weren’t a book blogger. And the third Zoe, I think you already know how much I love you, nearly as much as our Crisps for Cats campaign (which, I’m afraid, the council shut down…) we haven’t spoken recently, which really is a shame, but nothing has changed on my part, I still think you are an amazing person, with an equally amazing personality and voice! 

Hawwa, my little unicorn, my little sarcastic, mostly mean, cynical, unicorn, what’s not to like? But siriusly, I would probably be moping about wondering what the meaning of life is if you weren’t here, so you know, thanks for being born ;P CHAAAARLI, I genuinely don’t know what to say, you’re like this big bundle of everything I could possibly like, we’ve done various things together, buddy reads, epic recs, that brief period of time when I staked you, and just thank-you really for deciding that I wasn’t just a rosy cheeked wannabe blogger and someone who was actually worth getting your friendship! Jack, jack, jacky, jack, jack, you bemused broccoli you, one of the very few guy bloggers I talk to, who also happens to be Irish, double points! I will always associate our friendship with Pringles, Doritos, and a wallet with interesting contents (yeah, that conversation hasn’t left my mind) which, I’m guessing, is a gift in disguise, thanks my little buddy.  Ambuuuur, without you I wouldn't have even started blogging and since I have started you've been the most helpful and kindest person, and then I go and send you a three ton book that will probably kill you from feels. That’s what our bond is, very strong, very full of edible items, and just fabulous really. 

Ruby! One of the only people I know who’s read and can talk to me about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, that already makes you a best friend for life, but you are also incredibly sweet and deigned my first proper header, for which I thank-you humbly! Holly, we don’t talk as often as I talk to some other people on Twitter, but there’s no denying the fact that I still regard you as a close friend, between talking about tfios posters and other matters! Erika, we started blogging around the same time, you've helped me out with quite a few technical issues, and you've also been a great friend!
C'mon I had to fit Dr Who in somewhere.... ;)
 Sandra, you sarcastic bugger, because of you I spent half my time writing in a Scottish accent and acting way more hardcore than I really am… which it turns out is actually a good thing, you helped me grow as a surly teenage, and for that I thank you, missus. Lillian, oh my god, I don’t know what I would have done without my loyal and trusty servant to do my bidding, you really have been the most delightful servant I have ever owned, I think it’s time we let you eat some cake *cackles evilly*.

I’m so sorry if I left anyone important out, as I said I couldn't list everyone! As a side note it’s also 2:48am, June 4th, 2014 – so my thoughts may be a little scrambled, but I doubt that really matters since I have time between now and the 26th to edit. I probably won’t remove much though, I’m sentimental like that.


Also a big thank-you to the following publishers for all their support and awesome books; Curious Fox, Hot Key Books, Bloomsbury, Oxfords Children's Press, Chicken House, HarperCollins, and Electric Monkey.
Moving on,  most of all I have to say thank-you to you, sitting there reading this, thank-you for following and being a reader, without you… well, I’d probably still post, just because I love it, but because of you it feels so much more satisfying. Thank-you. Apart from all that, I think that’s all the thanks I have to give.

Now for the other fun stuff... booooks.

I couldn't very well write a blogoversary post and not give you lovely people some books, so tomorrow I will be putting up a post that lists all the blogoversary giveaways I'm doing! I decided to do it in a separate post to this one for two reasons, one; this is already long enough, and two; I forgot to make the Rafflecopter forms, so imma go do that now, haha.

*Just click on the names of anyone I have mentioned and you will be redirected to their book blog*
*Again, I really apologize about the length of the post! But if you're still reading, well done, and thank-you!*


  1. HYFR I'VE BEEN LABELED AS SARCASTIC THIS IS THE BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF MY LIFE. (( the story so far. now i'll be striving for cheeky. )) It's especially funny to think about how I made you talk in Scottish while I'm not a Scot myself. And heeey congratulations on the blogoversary. Proud of your guts 8)

    1. WOW, I have so much power... ((generally, being cheeky entails you actually being sweet and likeable, just sayin')). I thought you were at least half Scottish xD YOU LIED TO ME. Faaaank you ^.^

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! And HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I'd like to talk to you more too - hopefully we can :)
    Holly x

    1. It was my pleasure! Thank-youuuuu :DDD And yes, definitely!! :) xx

  3. Happy blogoversary!!
    Hooray for the cute dancing TARDIS GIF!!

    1. Thanks Pili!! :))
      Its one of my favourite GIFS of all time now!!

  4. Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! It's been awesome getting to know you and I hope you blog for many more years to come <3

  6. Oh gosh! Thank you so much for adding me on the post, such an honour ;)
    Happy Blogoversary! Sorry for not commenting eariler, I was on a blogging break and didn't see the post in time.


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