Thursday, 1 May 2014

Consider Yourself... Stalked! (1)

Consider Yourself Stalked is a new feature I've been thinking of doing since the beginning of April, which was inspired by Charli's (To Another World) Consider Yourself Quoted feature - more info here. The Consider Yourself Stalked feature is just about having a bit of fun and showing some of my favorite tweets from other book bloggers who I (we!) know and love, since I have to go through their entire timeline myself I'll most likely just be sifting through the last months tweets, and no they will not be in chronological order.

*I did ask Charli's permission to do this as it was taking after her own feature, and she gave me the thumbs up, YAY - if you're reading this, Charli, then you're epic ;) *

**Charli hasn't taken part in this feature at all, its all me. So yeah, if you don't like it- my fault!**

Our very first victim guest, is none other than Charli herself, SUUUURPRISE!

I totally agree. Your opinion is your own and that's fine, but there's no need for something like that.
On second hand though, I never really realized what a harsh place GR can be...
Always leading the perfect example ;) Leaving comments on other people's blogs actually cheers me up, but I'm weird.
This has to be one of the funniest things I read today, although it makes me cringe grammar wise, hilarious xD
BLOGGING BOOKS, YAY! And at least you weren't procrastinating reviews... I should do that...
DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?? Frozen aside, I wish it snowed here :(
Well, that was interesting. I just learned what doodle jump is *plays for hours*
It also happens to be Sunday when I'm writing/formatting this post, heh. 
For those who don't know Jim (YA Contemporary) and Debbie (Snuggling on the Sofa) are book bloggers!
And yes, I totally ship them (not invading their privacy or anything) but still... Debim xD
As a side note, there's only so many bloggers I know on Twitter, but if you know someone who'd be a good fit for this feature then please let me know!

That's all for today's Consider Yourself Stalked! Let me know what you thought of the feature or not so I know whether or not to continue! :D


  1. OMG, I hope you forgive me for not commenting on this wonderful blog of yours! That all changes as of today! I WASN'T EVEN FOLLOWING THROUGH GFC! I am now though. *wipes brow*

    This is SUCH a fun feature - I love it! Get to be all nosy and such. ;)

    1. Of course you're forgiven! *pats head and shares unicorn cookies*

      Yay, thank-you! I didn't know how it was actually going to turn out *bites fingernails* but so far so good! :)


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