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INTERVIEW: YA Contemporary Authors

It has literally been eons since I posted and interview, and not because I haven't had any material to put up in regard to interviews but because I wasn't really in the mood, and I got some lovely answer my my questions from authors that I wanted to wait. But now I feel brilliant and I got to interview two brilliant YA Contemporary authors (who I adore!) and they both have the same first name; meet Katie Cotugno and Katie McGarry!

Question 1 - Teenage pregnancy in itself is a difficult subject to tackle, what made you decide to incorporate it into a book?
I definitely didn't set out to write and Issues book. I went to  Catholic school, though, and every year there were a couple of girls who would mysteriously disappear and turn up again nine months later with a story about how they're been staying with their sick aunt or something. I was so curious about them, and what their lives must have been like. There's a lot of me in Reena, I think, and part of writing 'How To Love' was me imagining that experience.

Question 2 - I love the format of 'How To Love' with the Before and After sections; was this originally planned? If not, how did it come about?
Thank you! 'How To Love' was never going to be an entirely linear book -- I always knew the past would have to inform the present, and vice-versa -- but as I got deeper into it, it became pretty clear that I was trying to tell two really different, independent stories in tandem with one another. That is, there was so much backstory that just sticking in random flashbacks was never going to cover it.

Question 3 - What, or who, would you say is your bigger writing inspiration and why?
I get inspired by everything! Shows I watch, stuff I hear people say on the subway, the smell of the soap they used to use in the bathroom at the Lenox Hotel in Boston. I feel like living a full life is the best inspiration.

Question 1 - Did you always see yourself writing YA Contemporary? If not, what other genre were you interested in writing for and why?
Would you believe the first book I wrote was a paranormal? The second book I wrote was a dystopian and the third book was a contemporary. Pushing the Limits is the fourth book and the first one I thought was worthy of being published. All of the books I have wrote have been YA. I absolutely love YA contemporary, but I haven't ruled out writing anything else.

Question 2 - Noah and Echo have to be my favorite characters out of all your books; why did you decide to write another book about them?
I wrote Pushing the Limits as a stand-alone with no intentions of continuing the series. My publisher approached me and asked if I would be interested in continuing it and I answered yes. There is a scene in Pushing the Limits where Beth hes been abused by her mothers' boyfriend. In that moment, I knew that she had a story to tell.
I did eventually decide to write a second book for Echo and Noah titled, Breaking the Rules (December 30, 2014). When I finished Pushing the Limits, I knew their story wasn't done. There is still a lot that Echo and Noah need to emotionally work through in order to find happiness. Never in a million years did I think that people would love Pushing the Limits like I do. Because I have had so many people ask what happens to them, I decided to continue their story for a little bit longer. This is a story line I have know since I wrote The End at the end of PTL. I'm just excited I now have a chance to share it with my readers.

Question 3 - If you could meet ANY of your characters, and spend the day with them, who would it be? Honestly, I'd love to meet Noah's little brother!
Isaiah! I have had a crush on him since he appeared in the first book!
Thank you for the interview!

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