Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Divergent Week!

In case you haven't heard Catriona at Through A Cat's Eyes and Rachel from Booktastic Reviews are hosting a Divergent Week, and a certain lucky someone *points to self* get's to be the Faction Leader for Candor! Now, I've never gotten Candor as my faction and don't think I'd do well as an initiate because I just couldn't be as honest as them, or blunt. And that's the truth... I didn't mean that to be a psychological poke... 

Either way I'm still delighted to be the Faction Leader for Candor. Being a Faction Leader basically mean's that I'm the point-of-contact for all the Candor initiates and I keep count of all the points won for our faction throughout the week - I can also win points, yay! I then relay these points to Cat and Rachel during updates, and then at the end of the week there will be round-up posts on both their blogs announcing the winner!! Get your black and white on initiates and get ready to win some points for Candor!

In case you were wondering you can see all the initiates here... 

For more information you can visit Rachel's blog and read her post here, or Cat's blog and see her post here
"Dishonesty is rampant. Dishonest is temporary. Dishonesty makes evil possible."

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