Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Changes, Changes

Since today is the last month of April I was supposed to post the usual Monthly Re-cap, which I had neglected to written last night since I well... blatantly fell asleep after revision and homework all day. I was going to write it this morning but then I thought, why? Its not a post I particularly enjoy writing (apart from the links, I like sharing other bloggers posts that I love). And in the end I decided to stop writing Monthly Re-caps, and the reason I'm writing this post is because I have a few other things that have been playing on my mind, nothing big, but I felt the need to share them anyway.

Stopping the monthly Re-caps was really the easiest thing to start off with - the next thing, I feel quite guilty about. See, the thing is I have been going over my entire May Blogging Schedule (basically a calendar with all the posts I plan to put up in the month of May), I have very few of the posts actually written, shame on me, but the actual point of this, is that the majority are either feature posts or reviews, which if I'm honest take very little effort once you've got the main points, and that's really the point.

This entire week and next month I will be completely bogged down with revision, homework, and the organization of a secret project that's taking place at the start of June for twelve days (on my blog obviously). What all this means is a) I won't be posting as often as I perhaps would like to, knowing what my own personal timetable is like its probably going to be sporadic posting this month and b) when I do post I will of course put everything into it, even if it is just a feature post, and I hope you understand that even if I'm not doing big discussions or taking the time to brainstorm and come up with something completely different I still put the effort in to make it the best post possible.

Not posting on a regular basis because of something else that's a big part of my life does make me feel really guilty, and I should be able to manage both - which is exactly what I'm trying to do now, but I can never make guarantees when it comes to balancing schoolwork and blogging - because school is always going to come first. Don't get me wrong I love blogging to the stars and back *hums theme song* but I have my IGCSE's coming up and with my first career choice already out the window I need to make sure I get passing grades on all my exams to have the options I would like for A-levels. I've set aside as much time as I can for blogging but I'm just getting really stressed over all of it lately, so if I decide to not write a post and go read or go take a bath instead to calm myself down then I don't want to have to feel guilty about that, even though I know there's a small part of my brain that'll feel guilty anyway.

And I think I've gotten everything off my chest now... I actually don't know why I decided to write this post, it was a spur of the moment decision - its nine in the morning, I'm watching Breaking Bad, and I'm writing a post that I don't know if I'll post or not in the first place. I'm not looking for pity or anything, trust me, I just felt like you deserved a, what would you call this... a warning, I suppose, because I don't want to have to make excuses at the end of May for not posting frequently, or not having the best posts in the history of ever, either.

Since that was a very dreary post I'll end it with a picture of a cat and a bunny (Amy will love me for this...).

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  1. How is it May already? I think teachers also be like (for us state schooled), "This is a short, like 5-week half term so we can make it hard & try to cram loads of stuff into it, so it's not that easy in them!
    Btw, I did appreciate the kitten! Thanks <3 I don't think we'll exactly pity you, a lot of us are in a similar position & moral support is much more effective :) Whatdya think?
    I'm sure when you do post, they'll be amazing <3


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