Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day 2014


Apart from the obvious title, World Book Day celebrates books for an entire day! What could be better than that, eh? On the 6th of March the festivities are ripe over at - with their biggest book show on earth, a charlie and the chocolate factory prize draw to see the musical, and much more! I've celebrated WBD several times by doing things such as dressing up as Pippi Longstocking (I was 9 okay?) and of course buying books. 2014's World Book Day promises to be bigger, better, and even more bookish than ever before! As well as having loads of fun you can fundraise or support a charity by donating to Book Aid International; more info can be found on their website. 

The World Book Day website also displays an excellent line up of one pound books including The Boy In The Smoke by Maureen Johnson and Rock War by Robert Muchamore! 


For every 2 pounds that you donate, Book Aid International can package and send a book to one of the poorest communities in the world; 24 pounds is enough to provide 12 books to a community library in Africa.
So, I've decided to take my World Book Day celebrations one step further this year and fundraise for Book Aid International. I'll be dressing up as a book character and sending off books as well. Now, here's where you come in, I can't do much without donations and the support of other people, so it would be great if you could spread the word over twitter and wherever else, and possibly donate to my JustGiving page. My target amount to raise would be 24 pounds at least, but I'm hoping I - well actually, its we really - can raise more than that!

JustGiving for World Book Day - all the money raise on this page is sent directly to the charity, I never see a single penny of it!

Happy World Book Day to you all, hoping you get some lovely books!

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