Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Then and Now

So, its new year and I’ve been blogging for over seven months now. And I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about ‘Then and Now’, a lot of things have changed due to blogging, but in good ways. For example I never used to understand how people could have unread book on their shelves, but now… I’m all too well experienced with having books sitting un-read and an ever growing TBR pile! At this very moment my TBR pile is over 100 books, honestly. Before I’d be starving for reading material because I chomped through all my books, now I’m just trying to get through all the books I need to review. There’s been a few times when I’ve actually not wanted to read, and looking back I’m sad about that, but I know about falling into reading slumps. Really, I think it’s just a lot of determination and deep seated love for reading that keeps me going through these mountains of words. And in the end, generally, it’s worth it, because you discover some truly wonderful books.

I think my love of reading has actually increased due to blogging now; I’m more enthusiastic about books and literature than ever before. I’m also busier than ever, with blogging taking up 30% of my time and school mostly taking up the rest, I have to admit it does get hard to balance everything. And in all honesty I am NOT the world most organized person. That’s definitely one thing I’m working on this year.

All together my own daily routine has changed, waking up in the morning checking if the post came, the expected happy dance if there’s a package. Like Christmas morning all over again. Another thing I’ve learnt to do even better, thanks to book blogging, is multi-tasking; doing homework, talking to the lovelies on twitter, formatting posts, reading and replying to emails. It definitely gets hectic at time, as I’m sure a lot of other book bloggers know. But I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had over the past seven months, or the people I’ve met. The blogosphere has to be the kindest, most welcoming (and quirky!) community that I’m so thankful to be a part of.

So, it’s a new year, and a whole new chance to blog about books I love, books I fangirled about, and just general geekiness over the written word, happy New Year!

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