Thursday, 3 October 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

So, I'm not sure how long this tag has been going on but about a week ago I got tagged by the lovely Erika from The Red Bookmark and you can see her post on the tag here. Now I'm going to warn you coming up with 50 Random Fact About Yourself is really hard! This took me three hours plus, with the help of Pringles *hint hint Amber*.

1. I still barely know what I'm doing when I blog, I'm just going with it and enjoying myself!
2. I love Crunchies, Malteasers and Mint Aero's. 
3. I jump up and down with joy when I receive a book in the post, get an ebook or talk to authors!
4. I'm very interested with heritage and mythology, I just love reading and researching the past. (You can probably tell that I love History!)
5. Its been a good few years since I've taken an ICT lesson. So, I'm surprised that I'm getting on so well with the technical aspects of the blog! (Thanks to all my bloggy friends who helped me with that.) 
6. I have a special mug I drink from when I'm reading, and a special reading chair.
7. I go to an independent school over the internet. Its been about two years since I've been to a "physical" school.
8. I, am a member of many fandoms, such as; Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent etc.
9. I own an e-reader (kindle) but still prefer reading and buying physical books. 
10. I'm probably on the computer more than whats good for me!
11. I love physical/practical art, like sculpturing, I'm a pretty bad drawer but still love sketching.
12. I feel  like my tweets/messages/status' sound to serious if I don't add a smiley at the end :) 
13. My normal breakfast usually consists of cheerios and/or toast!
14. Get me started on a good book/movie U will talk, well, fangirl, for, literally, ever! #BIGGESTFANGIRL
15. My bookish goal is to go to a book festival; meet one of my favorite authors; and build up my collection of signed books, which is pitifully small.
16. I feel like, compared to other bloggers I know, I have a small culmination of books :(
17. I'm a puzzle fan (don't judge!) I love making 3-D models of famous architecture. 
18. I over-think a lot. I've heard that I'm a perfectionist, but I wouldn't say I take it to an extreme. I just like to have things certain way.
19. I own a guitar, a keyboard, and a tin whistle. Don't ask me to play you anything. Ever. Heh.
20. I'm an obvious twitter addict :)
21. This is taking way longer than I thought it would...
22. I was born on January 9th, 2000, and am usually always the youngest in my class. Hmph. 
23. I have a younger brother -_- SIBLING RIVALRY 
24. I write letters every week. Yes, they're old fashioned, but its a little more personal than an email.
25. My first phone was a little Sony Ericsson. Which I actually still have, somewhere...
26. I have never broken a single bone in my body.
27. I love Ribena, but they don't sell it that often here, so its extra special when i can fine it! :3
28. One of the bookish quotes I remember most is; '"Those who say you only have one life to live, doesn't know how to read a book." ~ Unknown.'
29. I want to study as an Architect at university/college, but would love to be an author. 
30. I'm really hungry, hold on whilst I get some Pringles - Yes, I love Pringles! 
31. My absolute favorite book is 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I haven't read it as often as my other books, but its because its such a special book to me.
32. I love to bake when I can!
33. I have a trophy for French. 
34. I just feel really privileged at all the amazing, wonderful, awesome bloggers and authors I get to talk to on a regular basis! Blogging has really changed my life, and all the people in it now, I'm just really happy to have made this decision.
35. For once I have too many books to read, and I'm falling under. Which has never happened before!
36. Ugh, I've lost count of how many fact there's left to write.
37. Apparently, I have really neat writing, but I don't think so. 
38. I have a reverted Nanny McPhee tooth, and won't be getting my braces until Jan 2014. 
39. I only eat margarita/cheese pizza.
40. I'd like to go on a round the world trip after I've gotten my qualifications, hehe, I'm responsible :D
41. I just love my slothy-unicorn-cabbage friends, you know how you are! 
45. I'm finding it hard to kick my nail biting habit.
46. I prefer to hand write something before I actually type it up. 
47. I should eat healthier, but I don't, haha xD
49. The last fact , what do I say, what do I say!?
50. I keep all the envelopes the packages I receive come in, when I have the time I'm hoping to cut out little squares and create some sort of collage.

Now, I'm going to inflict this torture on some other bloggers, muahaha, I tag :

Allison @ The Lovely Grace
Sunny @ A Sunny Spot

If anyone else would like to do this tag feel free, go ahead! Be a tag rebel! 

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  1. 37. I'm have absolutely terrible handwriting.
    50. OMG Fionnuala! I do the same thing... I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!


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