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For those of you who don’t know I’ve been planning this special/feature of posts for the month of September all related to or about Dystopian fiction. There were two reasons why i decided to do this: 1) Is that I’m going back to school tomorrow and starting Year Ten, and my timetable is is soooooo full this year that I won’t be able to post as often. Though I’ll try for at least two posts every seven days. 2) It was just an idea I had that I thought would be really fun to get different people (authors, and bloggers) involved.

Even though this took a bit of planning and adjusting it was really fun and I just want to thank everyone who contributed and helped make this possible! :D

Welcome back, to another Dystopian Delights post, today I'm happy give you a the chance to read a guest post by Ruth Silver, author of YA Dystopia 'Abberant'!!

What attracts readers to the Dystopian genre? by Ruth Silver

The Dystopian genre has been increasingly popular since the success of The Hunger Games. With books such as Divergent getting the green light for filming and a 2014 release date, it's not surprising to see the rise in dystopian novels. Publishers are pushing the genre, hoping their dystopian will be the next big hit.

What makes readers connect with a world unlike their own? Curiosity. Intrigue. Even a hint of mystery in trying to understand the world that the author has created. Dystopian stories all feature extensive world building. Along with the fantastical reality set often in the not too distant future, the genre is filled with intense action and adventure. We're rooting for the underdog and when we connect with the characters, we find ourselves imagining life in their shoes. It's both frightening and exhilarating. We want the heroine to win but we often witness their change and growth through the story. We watch them endure through whatever hardship they suffer and in most cases, they come out stronger. It makes you connect with the story, the character and the world that they live in. The stories are centered around survival but even with a dismal setting, hope is always alive in the story. Dystopian novels have become relevant because they feel real. We wonder if it could actually happen.

Ruth Silver is the author of YA Dystopian, Aberrant, the first in a trilogy released by LazyDay Publishing. The second installment, Moirai, will be available September 26th. You can read more about Ruth at her website:http://writeawaybliss.com

Thank You for that thought provoking post Ruth! But it hasn't ended yet :) Ruth has kindly supplied me with; 3 autographed bookmarks, 3 bottle-cap key-chains and 3 scrabble tile necklace charms, you can win this swag by entering the giveaway below!! (Note: There will be three winners, each receiving one of each, winners to be picked at the end of the month.)

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  1. I really enjoy dystopian fiction. It comes everytime with something different and catchy.

  2. That's what I love about the genre, its something new, something that you can't really learn about before writing, gives it a wonderful originality! Books for Birds, Fionnuala x


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