Sunday, 14 July 2013


Right, I myself was getting a little confused (well I suppose my disorganization didn't help...) on what I was posting and what day I would post it so I'm just going to clarify it in this post quickly - so as not to bore you!

Saturday - FREE
Sunday - Weekly Re-cap
Monday - FREE
Tuesday - FREE
Wednesday - Waiting on Wednesday (obviously!)
Thursday - FREE
Friday - Letterbox Love

So, there you have it, the days marked with FREE basically mean its not something set like the two features/memes/whatever-you-call-them; Letterbox Love and Waiting on Wednesday. It could be a review, and interview, a guest post, or just my random thoughts on a bookish topic that I'll publish on a free day.

Note: I am participating in some blog tours over the next few weeks so that might interfere with the schedule a little, but I'll do my best to see that it doesn't!

Lastly, if this changes and, for example, I'm going to do another feature or something similar there'll be another notice post!


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