Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Loving Books

The other day (yester-night) I was reading David Almond’s ‘My Name is Mina’ which includes a lot of philosophy from Mina's point of view. I like to think of myself as someone who is philosophical, even before reading this novel, and it finally helped me get out of my blogging rut. It was one question that filled my mind or rather the answers to the question that flooded my thoughts:


It’s so many things that makes a book a book, and makes me love books. It’s that new book smell that fills your senses when you walk into a bookshop. It’s the boldness of the ink that rubs of on your fingers, blackening them and leaving them smelling like books. It’s the simple whisper of a page turning. It’s the wonder they hold, the places they take you to. The worlds they open. For a fraction of a time you’re not you, you’re not anyone, you are just the book. No one and nothing matters when you have that one moment with you and a book. This is just one thing, one man-made object, where the ideas of people have blossomed into a beautiful symphony of words. So many things can be felt, experienced, explained by just fiction. By just reading a book you witness the power words have, so many things could be changed using the power of words. Each generation has the use of words; each generation has the power to change something. One sentence can change you; one sentence can make you believe that there’s something more. So ask yourself; 


This post is a little different from my usual posts but I hope you enjoyed it all the same! Xx

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