Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Book Thoughts

I was thinking if every book began with a thought, that means every thought could potentially be a book???

I love hearing different ideas, thoughts, and just random comments, they all add up to giving me great writing ideas and opportunities!
But I think everyone has those days when you feel like your brain is entirely empty and a devoid of ideas, think of different ways to kick-start your ideas, whether its dancing to your favorite song, a little meditation, or anything really, find out what suits your creative needs best!

Recently, I've been looking at different book blogs to give me some ideas for mine, its just over three/four hours old now, and thought I'd share them with you - the blogs not the ideas, you got that?

1. The Mile Long Book Shelf
2. The Book Stop
3. Books are Better then Ice Cream

So, all these blogs are great you can check them out, by searching them in Google. And sadly I have to say I disagree nothing can beat mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Bye! xx

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